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Lot# 112 - Auction 234-243

  • Lot# : 112 Chile

    1866/67: The collection of the issue with letter from the Secretary's office of the American Bank Note Co. indicating the preparation of the plates for the issue, including notification of the colour for each value and indicating where 'Chile' and 'Colon' legends were to be placed; a rare imperforate Essay on rice-paper printed in deep brown (similar to the issued stamp but with larger figures of value), unadopted Essay in pale blue without value tablets printed on thick card paper (both these ex Joaquin Galvez and Angel Menendez collections), issued stamps unused with 1 c. orange unused (30+), 1 c. used (25+), 2 c. black unused (12, incl. a block of four) and used (24); 5 c. red unused (26, incl. a block of four) and used (110+); 10 c. blue unused (32, incl. two blocks of four and a block of six) and used (75+); 20 c. green unused (15) and used (56) with a range of covers/cards (12) incl. an 1897 card with two 1 c. orange, cover with 1 c. (10 examples) from Concepcion, 5 c. single franking covers (4) from Coronel, Curacavi (unique) and Petorca in violet and another with straight line 'Fuera de Balija', 5 c. block of four on cover from San Felipe, two covers with 5 c. multiple frankings paying a 30 c. rate, extraordinary 1869 cover with eleven 5 c. with rare 'New York / 68 / US Notes' depreciated currency marking, 5 c. (3) and a 10 c. used on USA 3 c. Wells Fargo envelope to San Francisco, a fine lot for further continuation into this fascinating issue.
    Starting bid : 5,000.00 CHF
    Hammer price : not sold