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Lot# 871 - Auction 227-233

  • Lot# : 871 Greece

    Literature: The Greece Library with published 1933 Constantinides 'La Grosse Tête De Mercure', Billigs handbooks on Greece (2), 1955 Large Hermes Plate Varieties by N. Garas, 1995 'The Plate Flaws of the Large Hermes Heads' by N. Asimakopulos, 2000 'The Control Numbers of the Large Hermes' by J.G. Coundouros, 2004 Louis Basel 'The Forty Lepta' (Large Hermes), 2005 'The First Greek Stamp' by N. Asimakopulos, 2005 Louis Basel 'The Ten Lepta' (Large Hermes), 2007 'The 1900 Overprints' by J. Mascini, 2011 Large Hermes by J.G. Coundouros, 2011 'Introduction to the Large Hermes Heads' by C. Mattheos, Aero Espresso by V. Prange, Greek Handbooks series #8 on the 1831 40 lepta black, #21 Crete, #22 Large Hermes, #39 Crete, #55 1896 Olympics by G.Sparis, #59 Perkins Bacon 1906 Olympics by Francis Kiddle; also 1975  'Specialisé France' by Francon & Storch and 1998 'La Patrimoine du Timbre Poste Français', Philatelic Forgers by Tyler etc. Some with manuscript markings but most fine.
    Starting bid : 150 CHF
    Hammer price : 260 CHF