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Lot# 3270 - Auction 227-233

  • Lot# : 3270 Queensland

    1879/95: Collection of first and second Sideface issues and the High Values, with 1 d. reddish brown and 2 d. blue each in bottom marginal strips of four (showing mixed Dies) optd. SPECIMEN diagonally in black, strips of four 1 d., 2 d., 4 d. (2, one optd. in violet) and 6 d. all optd. SPECIMEN diagonally in black, 1 s. lilac in two pairs similarly overprinted, and 1 s. lilac in a regummed block of four and an imperforate single example, 1880 ½ d. on 1 d. reddish brown (3) each optd. SPECIMEN, 2 d. blue and 6 d. green in imperf. wmk'd pairs, 1882/95 High Values with 1882 2 s. and 10 s. unused, £ 1 deep green with Re-entry used, 1886 thick paper 2 s. 6 d., 5 s. rose single, marginal pair and block of four unused and used, 10 s. brown single and marginal pair unused and block of four used and £ 1 deep green (2) all unused and £ 1 deep green showing Re-entry used; 1895 5 s. rose unused (2) and blocks of four unused  and used, 5 s. rose in an unused strip of three and a used block, £ 1 deep green used showing Re-Entry; 1889 2 s. brown block of four optd. SPECIMEN in violet and an imperforate Proof pair (ex Yardley), further SPECIMEN opts. on single values struck in black or in blue etc. A most appealing collection (113 items).
    Starting bid : 750 CHF
    Hammer price : 3,800 CHF