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Lot# 1362 - Auction 227-233

  • Lot# : 1362 Romania

    1922 (Oct 15): Coronation, the collection of the issue on leaves with values imperforate in unissued colours, with 5 b. in red and blue,  25 b. in violet (in design of issued 5 b.), 25 b. defaced examples in black, blue and red, 50 b. in black, blue and red (2), 1 l. in red (2) and in brown (2), 2 l. (in design of issued 25 b.) in black, blue and red, 2 l. design but with values 3 l. in blue and 5 l. in green in a block of four, 3 l. in red and in black, 5 l. in design of issued 2 l pale blue, 5 l. in design of issued 6 l. in black, purple, blue (2, shades) and red (2) and a perf. example in bottle green, 5b. used on piece with double-perf. variety, covers(2) together with photographic enlarged impressions of all values - together with 1906 40th Anniversary issue bromide photographs of the Proofs and essays of the issue (10). A fine and unusual study.
    Starting bid : 1,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 24,000 CHF