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Lot# 1461 - Auction 222-226

  • Lot# : 1461 Yugoslavia

    Balkan (Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonia) Ottoman Post Offices 1840/52c.: The collection of "Tartar Post" postal relay forms (41), each form struck on despatch and receipt with Type 1 Ottoman handstamp "An janib.." negative seal with wreath at base, each form detailing route times and amount of post carried, with negative handstamps from Bosna to Deraliye, Edirne, Manastir, Sofia, Sumnu, Uskub, Vidin, from Ishkodra to Bosna, Deraliye, Filibe, Manastir, Nis, Selanik, Uskub, Yenisehir, from Manastir to Bosna, Deraliye (2), Edirne, Filibe, Nis, Selanik, Serres, Shkodra, Varna, Vidin, Yanya, Yenisehir, Nis to Deraliye, Filibe, Edirne; from Uskub to Bosna, Deraliye, Iskodra, Kavala, Manastir, Nis, Sofia, Sumnu, Uskub and Yenisehir. A fine and scarce group.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,300 CHF