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Lot# 4537 - Auction 218-221

  • Lot# : 4537 Italy

    1197 (May 18): Vigonza (Padua), Notary document on vellum (229x123 mm), a fine script of grant a land, showing notary sign at bottom left. The notary public drew up and notarized the deed: " ... presente conscentiente filio suo Widone, Viviani fillium presbyter..." who paid the Notary's copy of the deed and also the cost of the delivery. In  the XII century Notaries were named notarii regii, (appointed by the Emperor) and they made the contracts from diff. parties. A courier, usually a notary's servant, delivered the documents to the party involved. Fine early document with transscription by Dr.ssa L. Piccinini attached.
    Starting bid : 250 CHF
    Hammer price : 500 CHF