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Lot# 4484 - Auction 218-221

  • Lot# : 4484 Greece

    1831: 'Kapodistrias / Tessaracontalepton', the famous 40 lepta black typeset on thick laid paper, which some would argue (C. Nicolaides, C. J. Phillips (Managing Director of Stanley Gibbons), P. Korteweg, Dr. H. Munk, Pemberton, P. J. Drossos) was the first 'stamp' ever issued, a fine marginal example from base of sheet, with value "Lepta 40" impressed, the stamp measuring 36 x 27 mm. and believed to have been printed in Naphlion. However, more recent studies have shown that the 'stamp' was issued to receipt the sum of 40 lepta / 1 piastre, donated by each individual Greek citizen to help defray the Government costs of land grants to thousands of homeless refugees arriving from Crete after the Independence War (1821-28). John Antonios Capodistrias was the President of Greece at the time of the 'stamp's' issue and it was he who instigated the plan for the refugee's resettlement even though there was no Government money available - hence the donation / tax required from each individual. When this amount was paid, the receipt was made with this 'Lepta 40' stamp, the print of which is in the same font as that used by the Greek Government Gazette of the time.rnDespite the fact that the 'stamp' is now known never to have been used genuinely on a letter and that it is, in fact, a revenue stamp, they are still undoubtedly rare and this is a particularly fine example.
    Starting bid : 500 CHF
    Hammer price : 1,400 CHF