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Lot# 4074 - Auction 218-221

  • Lot# : 4074 Egypt Kingdom

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    1866: Egypt 20 pa. blue in a horizontal pair tied by POSTE VICE REALI EGIZIANE / ZAGASIK cds (Nov 17) used in combination with France 1862 20 c. blue pair (Yvert 22) paying the single (under 10 grams in Egypt) rate and tied by gros chiffres '5080' in black. Upon arrival at the French P.O. in Alexandria the cover was struck with framed 'Affranchisement / Insuffisant' in black as found to be above the French 7½ gram single rate. Taxed on arrival in Paris (Nov 27) with manuscript '8' décimes equivalent to double the deficiency. The envelope with faults but a rare underpaid usage and a rare usage of the 20 pa. on a combination cover. Signed Brun, Calves. Cert. Brun (2014).
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 2,500 CHF