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Lot# 3950 - Auction 218-221

  • Lot# : 3950 Collections/lots worldwide

    1878/1987: The collection of "Incoming Mail to Thailand" with covers/cards (130+) mainly addressed to Bangkok, including 1906 registered cover from Argentina, cards /cover (3) from Australia, 1893 cover and 1892/1905 cards from Austria (4), 1930 card from Brazil, 1919 and 1936 covers from Canada, the earlier cover with 'Officially Resealed' label, card from Chile, 1914 red-band cover from China and multi-franked 1934 cover together with German and Russian P.O. usages, 1898/1907 usages from Denmark (6), 1905/07 cards from Egypt, covers from Germany from 1878, Great Britain with covers (incl. one from House of Commons) and cards, 1896 4 c. on 3 c. card from Hong Kong and others, India with covers and cards incl. one from Aden, Indo China with fine 1926 early airmail cover, cards from Japan (3), Italy and Vatican usages, 1894 card with MISSENT IN / INDIAN MAIL from Hungary and a cover, 1892 and 1916 cards from Mexico, 1907 from Natal, Netherlands Indies (3) and a card from Curacao, 1907 card from New Caledonia, 1895 up-rated card from Nicaragua, 1910 card from Peru, card from Portugal, 1930 card from Romania, 1909 card from Russia, 1903 cards from Spain (2), 1893 up-rated card from Straits Settlements and covers, 1906 re-directed card with from Switzerland, 1940 postcard from Turkey, 1884 cover and further cards from USA and Hawaii, Venezuela registered 1908 cover via London with three colour franking etc. even incl. a 'three country' Myslowitz franking, all to this difficult rare destination. Too much to describe, a marvellous 'lifetime' collection with viewing a pleasure and heartly recommended.
    Starting bid : 3,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 8,000 CHF