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Lot# 3927 - Auction 218-221

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    1840/1900ca: Interesting Lot hundreds used/unused classical stamps in mixed condition incl. Old German States with Baden Landpost, Bavaria with 1849 1 kr. black, later Cypher and Arms definitives, Bergedorf, Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Helgoland, Oldenburg, Saxonia, Schleswig-Holstein, Thurn & Taxis, Württemberg, and Empire, Belgium with Medaillons, Bulgaria with first Santime set and later ovpt. definitives, postage due, Cyprus British precursor definitives, Denmark first Skilling definitives, Finland 1856 kopeck definitives, later serpentine rouletted definitives up to 1 m., France 1949 Cérès 15 c. green and 1 fr. carmine, Napoleon laureated 5 fr. grey, Bordeaux, postage due with 60 c. blue, French Colonies Cérès 25 c. in a strip of three, Great Britain Penny Black and Blue, Embossed stamps, 1880s Shilling definitives and £1 brown, British Offices in the Levant, Greece Large Hermes Heads, postage due, Iceland, Italy Papal States up to 50 baj., Naples, Parma, Sardinia with 1854 embossed definitives, Tuscany, Regno with postage due and PO's abroad, Luxemburg with Willem and Arms definitives, official stamps, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Russia with 1858 10 kop. imperf., Poland 1860 blue & carmine, San Marino, Sweden, Spain, Egypt with postage due, Brasil 1843 Bull's Eyes up to 90 r., China with Large and Small Dragons, Ceylon, Cape of Good Hope, Gambia up to 1 sh. green unused, Hawaii, Japan, Hongkong incl. cancellation interest, Labuan, Straits Settlements with 1867 ovpt. India definitives, 1882 10 c. block of four, Malaya states, Mauritius, Natal, India with 1854 Lithographed definitives, Dutch Indies, New South Wales, New Zealand, Persia, Australian States, USA with 1861 30 c. Washington, 1869 Shield & Eagle 30 c., 1870 Perry 90 c. carmine, and Switzerland Zurich 6. An enormous amount of material which has to be studied.
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 12,000 CHF