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Lot# 3658 - Auction 218-221

  • Lot# : 3658 Albania

    1913: Eagle overprints, an exceptional group (12 items) with June 1913 2 pa. olive with red Eagle inverted unused, 5 pa. ochre unused examples with red or violet Eagle surcharge, 10 pa. green unused with blue overprint and Inverted example with red surcharge unused, 20 pa. rose pair unused with black Eagle, single with blue surcharge and 20 pa. rose with red Eagle inverted surcharge unused, 2 pi. used with red surcharge inverted and oily paper 20 pa. used on piece; 1913 1 pi. blue with red opt. and black Eagle used on piece and 1 pi. black on red unused. A very rare group, all are signed Dr. Peters AIEP Mi = € 7'000+.
    Starting bid : 600 CHF
    Hammer price : 600 CHF