Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1925

Private Treaty - Egypt

This collection, primarily consisting of covers from 1708 demonstrates the entire gamut of Egyptian Postal History, with French Napoleonic Occupation including the ‚Le Caire‘ handstamp struck twice in red on letter (unique), ‚Alexandrie‘ (3) and a ‚Bonaparte‘ signature on document, rare 1801/02 British Occupation covers (5), British P.O. ‘Paid at Alexandria’ covers (2), Russian P.O.’s from 1858 and ROPiT issues on and off cover; Austrian, French, Greek and Italian P.O.’s, the latter with Sardinia / Italy mixed franking cover and further splendid combinations, the famous ‘Posta Europea / Suez’ cover with French adhesives used to Indo China (ex Antonini and Fikry), 1863 covers (2) with ‘Piroscafi / Postali / Austriaci’ in red, Posta Europea 1864 30 para Essay block of 11, 1866 First Issue with 5 pa. single franking (ex P. Smith) on Newspaper banner, cover with 10 pa. block of four, 1 pi. In combination with Austrian Levant 15 s. pair, 2 pi. bisect cover from Cairo; 1867 issue with 10 pa. bisect on Newspaper, 1 pi. on cover with Great Britain 6d., 2 pi. block of four imperforate, 1868 Postal Seal of Alexandria in a unique complete sheet of 60, 1871 unique ‘four country’ readdressed franking with stamps of Italy, Austrian Levant, Egypt and Turkey;  1872 5pa. on Newspaper, 20pa. on Insured form, 1 pi. on registered receipt, 1874 Bulâq issue with 5pa. tête-bêche block of four on cover, 1pi. red in imperforate block of nine, 5pi. green pair on four colour franking cover, five colour mixed issue franking cover to USA, 1888 2pi. unique handpainted Essay for Postal Stationery, 1899 re-addressed card with Egypt 2m. pair and China 1c. and another re-addressed card with Hong Kong adhesive, 1924 £1 violet and blue in a used block of 20, 1934 UPU set of 14 in Control Number examples used with special datestamp, 1941 Sample envelope with £1 brown & blue, 1947 Reply Coupon Proof block of four unused (unique), 1956 Evacuation Proof block of 27 of the overprint etc. Over 230 items of outstanding provenance and Quality, formed by a for a philatelic connoisseur.

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