Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Private Treaty - Bahrain

From 1892 to the present day, this fascinating collection commences with the Indian Post Offices with all known (and indeed, previously unknown) markings present including the earliest of the two recorded ‘Postage Due’ handstamps on 1892 cover to Bushire, 1908 unique usage of the circular ‘T’ marking, 1912 India 3a. used on registered cover with handstamped registered label, 1923 registered cover bearing Official issues, 1926 India 2a. 6p. registration envelope used to Muscat, 1930 cover to London with notation ‘Amy Johnson as passenger’, 1932 Athens-Bahrain Flight covers (2), 1932 Bahrain-Greece-GB Flight covers (2), 1932 Basra-Bahrain Flight cover (32 carried) and a range of further rare Flight covers (the finest selection this describer has encountered) including a rare Zeppelin usage, 1940 India 5r. on airmail cover to USA, India 1r. block of four on cover (unique), World War II Censored covers (this period contains covers that would be make an FIP award winning exhibit in itself) with rare ‘VP’ provisional registered label cover,  triple Censor cover etc; splendid Wreck Covers, 1945 cover with two India 5r. and red OAT marking used to USA, 1946 6a.overprinted ‘Bahrain’ postal stationery air-letter used to South Africa (unique), 1948 Olympic Games issue2½d. overprint double mint (4 examples), ‘Muscat’ value only usages from Bahrain on covers, George VI 1s. Postal Order used in Bahrain (unique), 1953 ‘½’ omitted in blocks of four and nine mint and usages on cover (2), 1956-57 1½a. on 1½d. pair with Watermark Error used on cover to Qatar (unique), 1r. on 1/6d. grey-blue with ‘Surcharge Double’ variety used, 1958 10r. on 10s. Castle used on Baggage tags (3), 1959/65 Unissued photographic Proofs by Bradbury Wilkinson (9), 1960 the unique 40p. Die Proof in black handstamped ‘Royal Mint’, 1961 combination cover with Qatar Scouts 75np., 1960 unissued Mosque 10f. pair and 100f. (8) in two multiples unused, 1969 De La Rue 20f. Proof (unique, SG 165), 1970 Gulf Aviation imperforate Proofs, 1971 1s. Postal Orders used (2), 1971 Independence Day unadopted Proof by Harrisons, 1979 De La Rue Proofs of 2d. and 3d. high values, 1980 Falconry set imperforate Proof blocks of four, together with rare incoming mail from all periods from Denmark, East Germany, Fujeira, Mauritius, Northern Rhodesia and Switzerland; Instructional markings and a wonderful collection of the elusive Postal Stationery. Many hundreds of covers  - viewing is recommended and a pleasure.

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