Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919


Catalogue 281: France Part or Insufficiently Paid Incoming Mail – The Jack Blanc Collection
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  • Losnr. : 7146 Madagaskar

    1894: Stampless cover to Caen struck on despatch with octagonal "CORR. D. ARMÉES / DIEGO SUAREZ" datestamp (July 10) in black, transit cds of "SEYCHELLES" (July 14) in black adjacent and thence carried by the "Polynésien" with circular "COR. D.ARMÉES / PAQ. FR. T No.6" (July 17) with triangular "T" mark alongside. Reverse with two line "Le Lt. Colonel d'Artillerie de Marine / Commandant supérieur des troupes" in violet and Caen arrival cds (Aug 1) and taxed there with 1893 Postage Due 30 c. carmine, some edge wear but scarce. Sold with an 1896 cover front, stampless at double rate from Tamatave and taxed 2x30 c. red. 
    Ausruf : 200 CHF
    Zuschlag : 320 CHF

    Losnr. : 7147 Madagaskar

    1896: Stampless cover endorsed "Corps d'Occupation du Madagascar" to Bordeaux struck with fine circular "1 TOR. ET PES. AUX ARMÉES / MADAGASCAR" despatch (July 6) in black. Taxed on arrival with Duval Postage Due 1881 60 c. black (Maury T21) tied by Bordeaux cds in black. Envelope imperfections but scarce.
    Ausruf : 120 CHF
    Zuschlag : 180 CHF

    Losnr. : 7148 Madagaskar

    1898: India 1 a. on 1½ a. blue postal stationery card endorsed "Corps d'Occupation de Madagascar", cancelled by "DIEGO-SUAREZ / MADAGASCAR" cds in black (April 13). Carried on the "Ava" of Ligne U and struck with triangular "T" marking and taxed as unpaid with 1892 Postage Due 10 c. brown (2) tied by Limoges cds's (May 16) on arrival. Some aging but scarce.
    Ausruf : 150 CHF
    Zuschlag : 380 CHF

    Losnr. : 7149 Madagaskar

    1900: Stampless cover endorsed "Corps d'Expéditionaire de Madagascar" to Paris struck with fine circular "TULEAR / MADAGASCAR" despatch cds (May 30) in black with triangular "T" mark at top, twice taxed due to redirection with Duval Postage Due 1893 5 c. blue pair and single 50 c. lilac applied in Paris and deleted, and 30 c. carmine pair tied by Vire / Calvados cds (June 29).
    Ausruf : 120 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft
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