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Catalogue 281: France Part or Insufficiently Paid Incoming Mail – The Jack Blanc Collection
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  • Losnr. : 7055 Ceylon

    1857/59: Ceylon 1 d. deep turquoise-blue, a used example with just touched to good margins all round on 1861 Newspaper Wrapper with complete contents from Colombo to Bordeaux endorsed "via Marseilles", tied by barred obliterator in black; paying the compulsory 1 d. Colonial rate but not paying the further 2 d. which would have made full pre-payment but was optional. Reverse with COLOMBO / POST NOT PAID cds in red (July 17) and Bordeaux arrival cds (Aug 14) and charged '15c." in red due to pay. A charming and extremely rare usage - there are believed to be but two known examples of this franking. Signed Sorani.rnrnProvenance: Carmichael & Todd, London 2000.rn                     Collection Seymour Banchik, Nutmeg, Caldwell, 2004.
    Ausruf : 2.000 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 7056 Ceylon

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    1857/59: Ceylon 1 d. deep turquoise-blue, a used example of lovely colour with just touched to huge margins all round and showing portion of adjoining stamp at right, on 1858 cover from Colombo to Marseille tied by barred obliterator in black, paying the compulsory 1 d. Colonial fee part of the 8 d rate to France. Reverse with "Colombo / Steamer Letter" datestamp (May 12) in black. Circular "PAYS. ETR. V. SUEZ / MARESEILLE" in red (June 11) and charged '8' décimes due in manuscript on arrival. A cover of the most delightful appearance. Cert. RPSL (2002).rnrnProvenance: Collection Lawrence Shenfield, Harmers, New York, 17 March 1975.rn                     Collection 'Serendib' (Quintus Fernando), Harmer-Schau, Riverside, 8 Feb 2002.rn                     Collection Joseph Hackmey FRPSL., Spink Shreves, New York, 18 Feb 2009, lot 88.
    Ausruf : 1.000 CHF
    Zuschlag : 1.000 CHF

    Losnr. : 7057 Ceylon

    1889: Stampless cover from Colombo to Cognac, France with circular French Consular marking in blue at right, carried on French Paquebot "Natal" and struck with fine octagonal LIGNE N / PAQ. FR. No. 6 in black (June 19). Taxed on arrival with 1881/92 Postage Due 5 c., 15 c. and 30 c. black by Cognac cds's (July 8). Roughly opened and with edge faults (Maury T14+T16+T18).
    Ausruf : 75 CHF
    Zuschlag : 180 CHF
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