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Franz. Indochina Allg. Ausgaben

Kataloge 280: Die Sammlung Ing. Pietro Provera (Teil III)
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  • Losnr. : 6288 Franz. Indochina Allg. Ausgaben

    French Indochina 1877 (July 28): Envelope from the French Army in Hue Annam to Paris bearing General Issues Cérès 25 c. blue type III, in fresh colour and with good to large margins, tied by octagonal "CORR. D.ARMÉES HUE 28 JUIL. 77" datestamp in blue, a splendid illustration strike below, reverse with "CORR. D'ARMÉES SAIGON 11 AOUT 77" transit cds in black, obverse with octagonal "COL. F. V. SUEZ PAQ F MARS. 25 SEPT. 77" entry datestamp in blue.rnNote: Very interesting and early item from the years between the annexation of Cochinchine and Tonkin and the complete loss of sovereignity in 1884. Despatched in Hue, the seat of the Annamese Emperor, presumably by Paul-Louis-Félix Philastre (1837-1902), a French colonial administrator and diplomat. Philastre arrived in Cochinchina for the first time in 1861. In 1873, he played an important role in mediating between the French colonial authorities in Annam and the royal court in Huế. In 1874, Philastre negotiated the Second Treaty of Saigon with the Annamese court.
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