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  • Losnr. : 3457 Franz. Post in der Levante

    1853 (July 22): Entire letter written in Andrinople, Thrace, despatched in Gallipoli and directed to Marseille, struck on obverse with neat Gallipoli italic straight line handstamp in black, framed "PAQUEBOTS DE LA MEDITERRANÉE" in red and "SMYRNE TURQUIE" (July 27, 1853) transit cds in black. Reverse with "MARSEILLE 6 AOUT 53" arrival cds. A fine and fresh early entire, the receiver had to pay '20' décimes.
    Ausruf : 200 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 3458 Franz. Post in der Levante

    1858 (April 13): Prepaid Letter sheet from London via Beirut to Aleppo, endorsed "Per fr. pkt. via Marseilles", franked with Victoria definitive 6 d. pale lilac (Gi 70), tied by oval barred '21' numerator with oval PD in red, French Calais entry cds (April 14, 1858) and rare two line "POSTE FRANCAISE / D'ALEP" handstamp (Combination with Beyrout cds not listed in Pothion) in blue alongside, reverse with London despatch cds, Paris and "BEYROUT SYRIE 30 AVRIL 58" transit cds's. An interesting cover.rnNote: From January 1857, the rate from the United Kingdom to the Eastern Mediterranean with French packet was 6d.
    Ausruf : 150 CHF
    Zuschlag : 180 CHF

    Losnr. : 3460 Franz. Post in der Levante

    Beirut 1865 (Nov. 13): Prepaid envelope at 320 cts. double rate to USA, franked with 1862 Napoleon III 80 c. (4) cancelled by G.C. '5082' with Beirut cds. alongside and red U.S. entry marking. Red '18' denotes the credit by France for 12 cts. double letter sea rate carried by an American vessel and the  6 cts. U.S. internal rate. US 1861 3 cts. affixed in Beirut was unneccesary. Top flap partly and left flap compl. missing, some wear, but a rare usage to Tolland, Connecticut.
    Ausruf : 200 CHF
    Zuschlag : 550 CHF

    Losnr. : 3464 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    Sénégal: Eagle 10 c. bistre in a horizontal pair, tied by two strikes of SNG lozenge in blue with octogonal "CORR. D'ARMÉES 21 OCT. 65 St. LOUIS" in blue and framed PD in red alongside to envelope to Reims, endorsed "par le paquebot de Bordeaux". Reverse with military cachet in blue, Paris transit, Paris - Givet ambulant and Reims arrival (Nov. 17) cds's. A fine cover presenting the military concessionary rate of 20 centimes Yvert = € 1'000.
    Ausruf : 100 CHF
    Zuschlag : 200 CHF

    Losnr. : 3465 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    Indochine, Cambodge: General Colonial issues Alphée Dubois 10 c. black and 15 c. blue, cancelled with "CAMBODGE 30 JUIN 84 PNUM-PENH" on envelope to Langoiran, Gironde, obverse with Modane - Paris ambulant in red, reverse with Saigon transit, Paris - Bordeaux ambulant and Langoiran arrival (Aug 11) cds's. An appealing cover from Cambodia.
    Ausruf : 300 CHF
    Zuschlag : 250 CHF

    Losnr. : 3466 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    Cameroun 1916/1980c.: Collection/stock , unused and used duplicated stock with enormous catalogue value and much thematic potential, neatly arranged and housed in five large stockbooks. Viewing recommended Mi = € 27'000+.
    Ausruf : 2.500 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 3468 Franz. Gebiete in d. Antarktis

    Terres Australes et Anatarctiques Françaises 1983/88: Lot thousands commemorative adhesives in complete or part sheet, unmounted og. condition. Scott = $ 7'468 following the consignor.
    Ausruf : 750 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 3469 Franz. Indochina Allg. Ausgaben

    1903/4: HOI-HAO 50c rose on registered philatelic letter dated 1908 to Germany, with "REGISTERED-T.P.O. HONG-KONG" transit mark and a German arrival.
    Ausruf : 100 CHF
    Zuschlag : 80 CHF

    Losnr. : 3470 Franz. Indochina Allg. Ausgaben

    Yunnan-Fou 1912: Postcard (with illustration of the Yi-Liang and Yunnan-Fu Railway Line), mailed to the German Consul in Canton franked by Yunna-Fou 1 c. olive-grey (2) and 4 c. blue (2) tied by four strikes of circular "YUNNANFOU A AMITCHEOU" Travelling P.O. datestamps (Dec 5) in black. Scarce and very fine.
    Ausruf : 150 CHF
    Zuschlag : 150 CHF

    Losnr. : 3471 Guadeloupe

    Guadeloupe 1892: 25 c. black on rose, tied by fair GOUADELOUPE SAINT BARTHELEMY cds to envelope directed to Ludvika, Sweden, reverse with "BASSE-TERRE 16 JANV 99 GOUADELOUPE" transit cds. Lightest vertical fold, nevertheless a fine cover to an elusive destination.
    Ausruf : 150 CHF
    Zuschlag : 200 CHF

    Losnr. : 3473 Französisch Neukaledonien

    1 / 1
    Katalognummer : 172+173
    1932: First flight Paris-Nouméa on avril 5th, 40 c. red/olive and 50 c. violet/brun showing black overprint, both stamps nicely cancelled to order and tied on small envelope by double circle handstamp "NOUMEA - 29 OCT 32 - NELLE CALEDONIE" Mi = € 1'200.
    Ausruf : 100 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 3477 Franz. Kol. allgemeine Ausgaben

    1927/38: Lot with three complete French Colonies booklets with full unmounted og., incl. 1927/28 Madagascar 15 c. dark green & green-yellow (Yv 156), 20 adhesives, the booklet showing a strike of "CHEMIN DE FER MANGORO 27 OCT 28" cds in blue on front, 1933 Morocco 65 c. red-brown (Yv 140), 20 adhesives, and 1938/39 Algeria 65 c. blue (Yv 137), 20 adhesives with BYRRH publicity.
    Ausruf : 75 CHF
    Zuschlag : 75 CHF
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