Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919


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  • Losnr. : 1448 Ungarn

    1871/73c: Lot three covers incl. 1871 Engraved 15 kr. brown on registered cover from Szegszard to Groszpold Transsylvania, 1873 two registered stationery envelopes 5 kr. with add. 10 kr. franking on reverse from Gyimes to Pest and Fiume to Trieste, respectively; also three commemorative sets from the 1950s in imperf. pairs or blocks of four.
    Ausruf : 150 CHF
    Zuschlag : 170 CHF

    Losnr. : 1449 Ungarn

    1871/74: Fine Cancellation collection on 1871 engraved issue showing clear strikes of circle line date stamps of various villages and cities,  applied on 1871 engraved 5 kr. red (120) , including datestamps with added county name (Gudlin Type E 3.55) as Galos Petri, Süttö Eszergom, further cancellations without year used under Austrian administration as Daruvar, Eszterhaza, Furta and Zsabek (Gudlin Type 2.2), Nagy-Sajo with year added (Gudlin Type 3.12) and Mohacs (Gudlin Type E 3.15), just to mention a few better ones, all fine mounted on album pages.
    Ausruf : 400 CHF
    Zuschlag : 420 CHF

    Losnr. : 1450 Ungarn

    1871/2000: Collection resp. lot with several hundred stamps used/unused or in mint condition, incl. some better values, plenty of full sets, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets etc., showing a broad variety of diff. topics as well known from countries in Eastern Europe, mainly in good condition and housed in ten albums and stockbooks as well as in glassines in two small boxes, the whole packed in a large removal box.
    Ausruf : 400 CHF
    Zuschlag : 400 CHF
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