Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 798 - 284.-290. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 798 Kolumbien

    Incoming Mail 1853: France 80 c. carmine, a fine example with large even margins all round, used on 1859 cover to Medellin endorsed 'voie d'Angletrerre' and 'via Santamarta', tied by 'D' lozenge of dots with Paris cds of despatch (Aug 31) alongside. London / Paid' transit cds in red (Sept 1) and framed 'P.P.' at left. Carried on the RMSP "Parana" and from St. Thomas on the "Solent". Handstruck '2' struck in blue on arrival for 20 centavos to collect. A fresh and fine cover. Signed Baudot, Brun.rnProvenance: Collection E. Langlais.
    Ausruf : 250 CHF
    Zuschlag : 340 CHF