Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 6471 - 284.-290. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 6471 Sizilien

    Revolution of 1848/49: Selection of 13 entire letters / lettersheets, all sent within Sicily and bearing handstamps with the Trinacria revolutionary symbol, despatched in S. Cataldo, Girgenti, Corleone, Borgetto, Monreale, Mirabella in the first week of the revolution (Jan 9, 1848), Trapani, Palermo, Siculiana, and Termini. Interesting lot.rnReference: The 1848 revolution was substantially organized from, and centered in, Palermo. The Sicilian nobles were immediately able to resuscitate the constitution of 1812, which included the principles of representative democracy and the centrality of Parliament in the government of the state. The idea was also put forward for a confederation of all the states of Italy. However the Sicilian Parliament was never able to control the well fortified city of Messina, which ultimately would be used to take back the island by force. Thus Sicily survived as a quasi-independent state for sixteen months, with the Bourbon army taking back full control of the island on 15 May 1849 by force.
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