Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 1945 - 284.-290. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 1945 Spanien

    1855 (April 1) / 1856 (Jan 1) / 1856 (April 11): Isabel II - the Exhibit collection beautifully arranged on leaves with Die Proofs of the 2 cs., 4 cs., 1 r., 2 r. and the unissued 12 cu. value all printed in black; 1855 wmk. loops 1855 2 cs. green used (5) and 2 cs. single franking used from Icod to Orotava within Canary Islands, 1856 2 cs. single franking covers (2) one within Madrid and another used in the Canaries, 4 cs. red-brown on blued unused, entire letter written on Sunday 1 April 1855 and mailed with 4 cs. carmine tied in black used from Alicante (April 3) to Barcelona - probably the earliest cover known (ex collection Graus) and another used on 6th April 1855 from Santiago de Compostela, Colour Trials and paper Proofs incl. some multiples, 4 cs. on covers (10); 1 r. greenish blue unused and many used incl. a block of four, 2 r. brown-violet unused and used (20); 1856 wmk. lines 2 cs. green used, 2 c. green single franking covers (2) used in Valencia and in Teneriffa, 4 cs. single on cover with pre-stamp "CAB.A DEL BUEY / ESTREMADURA / BAXA" handstamp alongside, 4 cs. single on cover to Paris with "España" in blue charged '5' décimes due and further fine covers; 1 r. wmk. lines used on December 1856 entire to Havana carried by Steamship 'Velasco' of the Spanish Navy on its last Transatlantic round trip, 2 r. deep-lilac unused and used (10),rn1856 no wmk. 2 cs. green unused (2), 2 cs. used on local drop letters in Madrid (5), Barcelona (2) and in Canary Islands (5); 4 cs. with range of unused multiples and study of the Types throughout, an unusual used vertical strip of five, block of 15 used, and a delightful used block of 25; 4 cs. fine block of 14 on Judicial cover, superb cancellation study with Cartwheel 'rueta' numeral cancels on 4 cs. from #1 (Madrid) to #63 San Roque complete, 4 cs. no wmk. with single frankings showing pre-stamp markings of oval ONTANEDA and three line PA. DE ALCOZER / ESTREMADURA / BAXA, and a further 54 covers showing single frankings from a variety of towns; January 1859 cover with Postal Forgery 4 cs. successfully defrauding the Posts used from Madrid to St. Sebastian, 1 r. blue unused (5) and used (16) and used on covers (2) as single frankings to Cuba, one to Santiago (cert.) the other to Macagua; and 2 r. violet unused (4) and pair on 1859 cover to London. Condition good to very fine throughout, viewing is a pleasure Scott 36/47.
    Ausruf : 3.500 CHF
    Zuschlag : 3.500 CHF