Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 178 - 257.-264. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 178 Peru

    1927/42: The magnificent eight frame exhibition collection of PERUVIAN AIRMAILS 1928-1942 with over 200 covers displayed on 126 album pages showing both the development of air routes with the focus on the different rates including First Flights, starting with Domestic Airmails, the so called 'Jungle Route', with covers (14) carried on differing legs and at diff. rates as 1927 (Dec. 29) first flight Lima to Iquitos, signed photocard of Elmer J. Faucett in front of his aircraft, 1928 incoming mail from London to Iquitos, 1929 San Ramon to Iquitos air route, 1930 one of only three known Trans-Amazonas flight covers from Iquitos to Manaus (Brazil), 1928 Coastal Route with first flight Lima - Paita, 1929/31 triple weight or stationery card usage to Chiclayo,1937 Faucett Air Crash (3), 1929 Northern South Air Service with expansion to Central America Air Service with 1928 Scadta Survey flight plus 1929/31 Scadta usages (6). Part II: Foreign airmail service to USA (FAM 9) with 1929 envelope to US President Hoover, 1931 lettercard at reduced air surcharge from Barranco to N.Y., 1937 Panagra Sikorsky crash cover at Cristobal C.Z. (Aug. 3); North Atlantic Route to Europe with 1929 cover to England on first outbound flight Peru to Canal Zone together with 1939 first scheduled airmail across the Atlantic by PA Yankee Clipper. Part III: shows the Southern Route to Chile with 1928 first flight to Bolivia, 1929 combination flight to Chile and first flight cover under the FAM 9 contract. Further mail to Argentine and Brazil with  two 1931 covers showing the diff. rates charged by 'Panagra' and 'Via Aeropostal', mail flown by  the Peruvian  Branch of Lufthansa A.G., 1928/30, CGA and Air France connection Lima - Paris incl. rare Xmas greeting cards (2), 1938 Air France postcard from Lima to Cairo, Zeppelin items (4), Lufthansa South Atlantic service, 1938 'Condor Peruana de Aviacion Service' and 1939/40 L.A.T.I. covers (3), ending with nine Trans-Pacific items to Australia, New Zealand and Japan. A fine postal history collection based on routes and rates, collected with much effort - with as many items in the collection as one can find.

    Ausruf : 3.500 CHF
    Zuschlag : 5.500 CHF