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    1861. Cancelled Stamps for Rowland Hill’s nephew Ormond HillrnOn 18 April 1861 Ormond Hill, the nephew of Rowland Hill, wrote to Joshua Butters Bacon the head of Perkins Bacon and Co.:rn“My dear Sir, Two or three of my friends who are collectors of Postage Stamps have asked me to procure for them specimens of new or uncommon stamps whenever I have it in my power. It occurs to me that perhaps you may be able to give me a few ...”rnHe added on 24 April:rn“... I should be glad to have six stamps of each kind ...”rnOn 15 August J. Upham (for J.B. Bacon) sent the stamps to Pearson Hill with the following letter:rn“Dear Sir, I beg now to send you as promised ... an envelope addressed to Ormond Hill Esq. containing 6 obliterated impressions of each of the stamps named in the list and request you will take two of each for Rowland Hill Esq. and yourself and then seal the package and forward it together with a letter which you will also find addressed to him, to Mr. Ormond Hill.”rnIt turned out that the supply of the Crown Agents‘ property was given without authority.rnOrmond Hill was not asked to return the „specimens“, and in fact, all were treated as private property. Nevertheless, the case destroyed Perkins Bacon as future printers for the Crown Agents.rnFrom Peter Jaffe in "Cancelled by Perkins Bacon“, published for Spink & Son Ltd by James Bendon Ltd. (1998).rnrnThe complete set of four values, Third London 1 c. chrome-yellow, second London 5 c. red-brown on blued, Third London 10 c. blue on blued and the 20 c. green with large part og.; all fine used with large part "CANCELLED" obliterator handstamps in black. This is the set of four as illustrated in Peter Jaffe's book. An exceptional group with just six examples of each produced. Rare. Certs. Holcombe for 1 centavo and 10 centavo (1985), BPA for 5 centavo (1982).rnrnProvenance: 1 c. collection Dr. Conrad Latto; 5 c. and 10 c., collection Jean Dupont, Balasse, May 1981, lot 3; 20 c., collection Peter Jaffe, Spink, 1 June 2006, lot 88.rnrnrnrnrnrnrn 
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