Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 1713 - 227.-233. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 1713 Sammlungen/Posten Europa

    1880/1980c.: Enormous hoard thousands stamps, vignettes, revenue used/unused with a lot of forgeries and bogus issues, clearly stated as such, also some colour xerox included for documentation, incl. Imperial Russia 1914 charity issue proofs, currency stamps, revolutionary overprints, also on cover, stationery, Russia in Crete, Civil War issue with Wrangel, Northern Army, North Western Army, Kolchak, Far East Republic, Amur, Denikin, Crimea, Turkestan, non-postal labels, vignettes and currency stamps, war charity and patriotic vignettes, Odessa Red Cross envelopes, bank bonds, revenue, court fee stamps and comparable items, passports, RSFSR revenue, philatelic exchange control stamps, Berlin consular mail, Georgia with covers, Armenia, independent ovpt. issues, definitives, exile issues and revenue, Azerbaijan with 1919 National Republic set cover to the British High Commissioner in Baku, revenue, Latvia with independent issues, Civil War issues, LSSR issue, 1941 German occupation, exile issues, Lietuva with vignettes and revenue, German occupation, Estonia under Russian rule, Tallinn local issue, independent issues, German occupation, revenue, Romania with definitive and commemorative issues, Romanian occupation of Odessa, Transnistria, Batum British Occupation with ovpts on Imperial definitives, revenue, Poland with 1860 10 k. blue & rose cancelled DP, WWI local issues, 1920 ODESA optd., Polish occupation in Ukraine, Finland stationery, town post, shipmail labels, revenue, Aunus, Ingrelia, North Ingria, Anti-Soviet troops, WWII Voluntary Forces fighting Bolshevism issues with French Icebear souvenir sheet, Dutch miniature sheets, Denmark Feldpost trials, Independent Ukraine with Trident ovpt from all districts, West Ukraine, German WWII occupation with local issues Sarny, Alexanderstadt and Gorochov, exile issues, Regensburg Displaced Persons camp, Tannu Touva from 1921 incl. one cover to New York, Mongolia from 1924, Bhutan, Leniniana, post-Soviet local ovpt. definitives, Israel fore-runners and Jewish diaspora issues incl. Petah Tikwa, Malta S.M.O.M. sheet, Jaipur court fee documents. All mounted on album leaves and described carefully and with knowledge, a very diverse and interesting lot in a big box, has to be studied carefully to be appreciated.
    Ausruf : 2.000 CHF
    Zuschlag : 16.000 CHF