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Lot# 492 - 182-185 Auction

  • Lot# : 492 French Colonies

    1859/1905: Pages from an old Maury album with Colonies General Issues complete used with duplication and postmark interest, Indo-Chine with provisional issues for Phnom-Penh and Saigon used, China with 1894 set to 5 fr. used, New Caledonia complete, French Guyane with rare early provisionals, Martinique complete, St. Pierre et Miquelon with pages near complete incl. early provisionals, Offices in the Levant complete with duplication, Morocco complete, Senegal from 1887 complete, French Soudan with 1894 provisional 0.15 on 75 c. carmine used (cert.), 0.25 c. on 1 fr. olive used (signed Brun) and 1894 set complete, Benin complete from 1892 with the rarer stamps signed, Congo from 1891 with first isse set of two used, Gabon from 1886 with first issue set of five complete (signed, certs for Yvert 4 and 5), 1888/89 15 c. on 1 fr. olive used (cert.), 1889 imperforate typeset provisional set of two used (certs), Offices in Alexandria and Port Said complete, Reunion with pages complete from 1885 incl. 1891 imperf. 75 c. carmine used, 1891 perf. 75 c. carmine used, Nossi-Bé with 1889 5 c. on 10 c. used, 25 c. on 30 c. brown used, 25 c. on 40 c. used on piece (all signed or cert.), 1893 optd. set of four used, 1891 Postage Dues used (most are signed), Diego Suarez with 1890 set of four used, 1891 5 c. on 20 c. inverted opt. used on piece (signed), 1892 30 c. optd. in red used (signed Brun), 35 c. used (cert.), 1892 1 fr. Postage Due used (cert.), Madagascar with 1890 provisional set of three used, 1895 'Ellipse' 5 c. on 1 c. used (signed Gilbert, cert.), 25 c. on 3 c. used (cert.); also further duplication on a few stockcards. An outstanding collection formed by a collector with excellent taste. Viewing is reommended and essential.
    Starting bid : 10,000 CHF
    Hammer price : 16,000 CHF