Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Losnr. 1478 - 210.-212. Auktion

  • Losnr. : 1478 Scadta Konsularpost

    1921/23: Lot three envelopes from Germany to Colombia, all franked with handstamped large 'A' on Scadta 1921 issue in mixed franking with German Reich, including 30 c. green single franking from "Reetz 20.6.23" to "Barranquilla Jul. 22.1923", Scadta 20 c. red brown horizontal pair plus 30 c. green from 'Hamburg 3.8.23" to "Bogota 5.IX.1923" as well as registered envelope (trimmed on top and opened at right) from "Lörrach 19.9.23" franked with 2 peso and marginal corner copy of 20 c. red brown without additional 'R' handstamp for registration, underpaid with 500 TMk showing red marking 'Gebühr bezahlt' (paid in cash) sent via "Barranquilla 29.IX.1923" to Bogota. A fine and interesting trio.
    Ausruf : 500 CHF
    Zuschlag : 1.100 CHF