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Private Treaty – Austrian Post Offices in Constantinople 1787-1918

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A specialized collection of cancellations and postal history from the beginning to the end of WW I (1787 to 1918)
An extensive research- and postmark collection of the Austrian Post Offices in Constantinople. A total of over 800 letters and other items document the various postmarks and their usages, as well as the various postal routes for cross-border mail traffic to and from this important trading metropolis on the Bosporus. 
The collection includes all postmark types, various postal forms, uses of registered labels, parcel cards, letter cards, postcards, advice of delivery cards and more. The collector placed great value on completeness but also on postal history aspects such as destinations and postage rates applied by the Austrian Postal Agency and its branch post offices of Pera and Stamboul as well as the Austrian Lloyd agency in Galata.
An overview of the collection
The collection has been formed in a strictly chronologic order under all aspects of postal history over more than 3 decades.It contains many examples from well known levant collections of the past.Part one encompasses the first cancellation and the different routes to and from the Austrian post office of Constantinopel. It is subdivided into tax –periods and different tax markings.The collection contains many letters to foreign countries including Norway and the US,disinfected letters,captain letters,special tax-cancels and mail to other levant post offices.The earliest usage of the circular Constantinopel cancellation on a letter to London (1848), routes via land or sea and the routes via Kustendje and via Varna are documented extensively.
In the first stamp period the emphasis is, besides some selected pieces and multiples, on different postal routes and taxations including a 85 Soldi franking to the US and three 18 Soldi frankings from the short period of 1867. The progression of the different taxes to foreign countries until 1867 is demonstrated to a large extent. The 1867 issue is represented with an array of different frankings including printed matters,registered mail,stationary and a postal receipt.Apart from the frankings the emphasis is always on cancellation types and usages, exclusively on selected items.The increasing amount of postal activities after the 1880´s is shown on a multitude of documents including registered mail, printed matters,money and parcel orders,tax-stamps on unfranked or underfranked mail,documents with heller stamps and so on.The earliest known registered label is found on an 1887 letter.
The branch offices of Stamboul and Pera are presented from the earliest time (1887) until 1914 and include also special material always in selected quality.
The last part of the collection relates to the Lloyd-post office with the two types of the oval Lloyd cancellation-usages clearly shown for the first time. The use of the Lloyd-cancel is further demonstrated on many different frankings of the 1864 and 1867-issues. Different and also rare routes on letters to the European countries are shown .The transfer of the Lloyd postal agenzie to the Stamboul-branch office in 1889 until 1914 is evident on many registered covers with different frankings.
The collection has never been exhibited in the past and would serve either for that purpose or as an excellent basis for a comprehensive documentation of the Austrian postal activities.
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