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  • Lot# : 796 Crete

    1851 (April 19): Letter from Crete posted at SYRA 10/4 (22/4) to Marseille with transits TRIESTE 27/4 and MILANO, where it received VIA DI CHIASSO, crossing Switzerland and leaving at AUTRICHE/Beau FR 1 de BALE 1/5 taxed '5' (decimes) debit at French border exchange P.O. and MARSEILLE 3/5 arrival mark on reverse. Letter was partially paid by sender with 70 (lepta) to Trieste, from there to Marseille it had to be payed 10 decimes. Fine unusual routing via Austrian Post.
    Starting bid : 200 CHF
    Hammer price : 200 CHF

    Lot# : 797 Crete

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    Russian Administration of Rettimo Province 1899: Collection with 1 m. ultramarine, violet control handstamps, unused with large part og., a block of four used on piece with Rethymnon handstamps in blue (signed), a horizontal strip of three similarly used, a single example used in 'Roustika', creased example used with rare 'Melambes' in violet and another with Rethymnon cds in black; 2 m. rose (1'200 printed) unused and used in Rethymnon (signed Engel), and a faded block of four on piece cancelled in Rethymnon and single examples used on large part covers (2) used in Rethymnon; 1 m. green handstamped in blue unused on laid paper, a block of four used on piece in Rethymnon (signed Schmidt), single examples used in 'Roustika' on piece (rare, signed Schmidt), rare 'Selia' in black (signed Schmidt), Agios Galinis (signed Sorani), 'Pili' in blue, 'Spili' in blue and 'Kasteli' in green; 2 m. black in a used a used block of four and a marginal block of eight used in Rethymnon, single examples used in 'Roustika' on piece (signed Stolow), 'Kasteli' in blue, 'Amari' in blue and 'Agios Galinis' in violet, 'Garazo' (rare) in black, 'Anogeia' in violet (rare), 'Fodele' in blue (rare), 'Pili' in blue and a cover to Rethymnon used from 'Garazo'. A fine and appealing lot of seldom seen material (30 items).
    Starting bid : 2,500 CHF
    Hammer price : 3,000 CHF
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