Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919

Auktionsvorschau Juni 2021

South America – Maritime Postal History 1606-1886 – The Everaldo Santos Collection

Italy, France, Europe & Overseas – The Ing. Pietro Provera Collection

Britische Auslandspostämter ∙ Die Sammlung ‘Dubois’ (Teil II)

British West Indies ∙ Die Sammlung ‘BESANÇON’ (Teil II)

Great Britain 1840-1910 - The BESANCON Collection
This wonderful collection, built over the last 45 years, will be auctioned 2019-2023

The BESANÇON collection is a marvellous ‘traditional’ collection of this popular area, with Essays, Proofs, issued stamps, large multiples and interspersed throughout with ‘philatelic gems’ chosen by the collector, both for their rarity and aesthetic appeal.
The collection boasts items from all the great collections previously formed, from the Earl of Crawford (1913), Philipp von Ferrary (1921/1924), Louis Oram Trivett (1924), H.P. Manus (1932), Arthur Hind (1934), Colonel Arthur M. Bates (1934), Baron Anthony de Worms (1938), Bertram McGowan (1950), J.B. Seymour (1951/1953), Alfred H. Caspary (1956), Per Gjerding (1956), Maurice Burrus (1963), Kenneth M. Beaumont (1965), ‘MAXIMUS’ (Ronald A.G. Lee, 1970), Joseph Silkin (1971), Alfred F. Lichtenstein & Louise Boyd-Dale (1989), to the more recently formed ‘pseudonym’ collections and the outstanding Surface printed issues collection of Dr. Douglas Latto (1992)
Like the Classic France, Australian States and Cape of Good Hope collections also sold by Corinphila, quality was of paramount importance to ‘BESANÇON’ and the following pages provide just a small extract from this outstanding collection. See more here - Download PDF
South & Central America - The Brian Moorhouse Estate
Offered by Corinphila between 2019-2021. 

Brian Moorhouse had been the undisputed King of Latin American Philately for 40 years. over those years he developed it to a level it had never reached previously.
Brian decided to become a full-time stamp dealer in
1972. He formed South American Stamp Supplies
which specialized in all Spanish speaking countries
South of the United States as well as Portuguese Brazil.
Brian studied intensively all aspects of Latin
America. He became the recognized expert. His
opinions and certificates were the gold standard
demanded by collectors and professionals. He was
a valued consultant of the Royal Philatelic Society
Expert Committee and was relied upon by all.

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