Tradition und Erfahrung in klassischer Philatelie seit 1919


Catalogue 281: France Part or Insufficiently Paid Incoming Mail – The Jack Blanc Collection
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  • Losnr. : 7176 Tunesien

    French P.O. in Tunesia 1886 (Sept 3): Envelope from the French consulate in Livorno to Tunis, bearing Italy Umberto 1879 20 c. orange (Sassone 39) tied by LIVORNO despatch cds (error in month slug), reverse with CAGLIARI transit (Sept 4) and arrival (Sept 6) cds's of the Italian and French P.O. in Tunis. Taxed at the French P.O. with an exceptional usage of the French type Duval timbre taxe 10 c. black (YT TT10), tied by "TUNIS TUNESIE 7 SEPT. 86" cds. The Italian definitive with some wrinkles due as it was sticked unevenly to the cover, nevertheless a very early usage, maybe a unique usage of the French due in Tunesia prior to the issuance of Tunis definitives and due two years later.
    Ausruf : 1.100 CHF
    Zuschlag : 1.100 CHF

    Losnr. : 7177 Tunesien

    French P.O.'s in the Levant / Tunesia 1885/95: Group two covers, both franked with Sage 15 c. blue incl. 1885 Tunis to Grignan taxed with single adhesive and pair of Duval 15 c. black, 1895 Chatelguyon to Constantinople with two single adhesives and pair of Duval 5 c. black.
    Ausruf : 100 CHF
    Zuschlag : 100 CHF

    Losnr. : 7178 Tunesien

    French P.O. in Tunesia 1893 (Feb 13): Large sized cover of the 10th weight rate from Givors to Tunis, forwarded to Lyon, bearing Sage 20 c. brique, 4 c. lilac-brown and 1 c. black on azure (Yv 83+88+96), tied by light GIVORS despatch cds. Taxed in Tunis with 1888 25 c. black on rose in a strip of three and 1 fr. green-olive in a horizontal pair (Yv TT 5+20), tied by pen strokes. In Lyon, the letter was taxed again with type Duval 50 c. black in a horizontal strip of three, 15 c. black and 10 c. black (Yv TT 20+16+15), this was miscalculated. Some edge wear as to be a expected from a cover of that size, nevertheless an impressive mixed usage of timbres taxe from Tunesia and France.
    Ausruf : 400 CHF
    Zuschlag : 480 CHF

    Losnr. : 7179 Tunesien

    French P.O. in Tunesia 1898 (June 10): Envelope of the second weight rate from Paris to Alexandria, forwarded first to Sfax Tunesia, then returned to Paris bearing Sage 5 c. green (Yv 75), tied by PARIS despatch cds. Taxed at the French P.O. in Alexandria with 1893 type Duval 10 c. brown type I in a strip of four and 50 c. lilac-brown (Yv TT 29/I+37/I), tied by "ALEXANDRIE EGYPTE" cds (June 16). Sent via "PORT SAID EGYPTE" (June 28) to "SFAX REGENCE DE TUNIS" July 7), where the letter was taxed again with Tunesia timbres taxe 5 c. green in a horizontal pair, 10 black (pair & single) and 25 c. rose in a horizontal pair (Yv TT 11+12+16), tied by pen strokes. Some edge wear as to be a expected from a cover of that size and journey covering three countries, nevertheless an impressive mixed usage.
    Ausruf : 400 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft
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