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Catalogue 281: France Part or Insufficiently Paid Incoming Mail – The Jack Blanc Collection
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  • Losnr. : 7304 Japan

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    1867: France laureated 80 c. carmine, a single example used on 1872 cover from Marseille to Yokohama, Japan lightly tied by "2240" gros chiffres with Marseille despatch cds (Sept 28) alongside. Underpaid 40 c. and struck with framed "AFFRANCHISEMENT / INSUFFISANT" in red, carried on the Paquebot "Hoogly" from Marseille. Handstruck '4' décimes marking in black due applied on arrival for the underpayment. Reverse with fine "YOKOHAMA / JAPON" arrival cds (Nov 19) in black. A fresh and fine cover. Cert. Roumet (2013).
    Ausruf : 500 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 7305 Japan

    1867: France laureated 80 c. carmine, a single example used on 1870 cover to France endorsed "per P&O Steamer 26/2/71" tied by bold strike of "5118" gros chiffres in black with "YOKOHAMA / BAU. FRANCAIS" cds above (Feb 25). Red framed 'PD' and circular "PAQ. ANGL. V. SUEZ / AMB. MARS." in red at right (April 13) and charged '4' décimes handstruck in black (credit to Italy). Reverse with Givry cds of receipt (April 15). Slight corner bend but a charming and rare cover.
    Ausruf : 750 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 7306 Japan

    1883: Japan 2 s. carmine-rose, a horizontal pair used on 1898 underpaid cover from Tokyo to Lyon endorsed "per Oceanien" tied in brown with TOKIO / IJPO cds adjacent (Nov 8) and circular "TO / T" marking in black with manuscript "15 centimes" in blue below. Kobe transit (Nov 10) and thence carried by "Calédonien"  with octagonal  "LIGNE N" Paquebot datestamp in black (Nov 11). Taxed on arrival at double the deficiency with Postage Due 1893 30 c. red tied by Lyon cds (Dec 17).
    Ausruf : 100 CHF
    Zuschlag : 140 CHF

    Losnr. : 7307 Japan

    1892: Cover franked by Type Sage 1 c. black, defective, used from Bordeaux (April 18) to Yedo (Tokyo), Japan underpaid 49 centimes (denoted in manuscript alongside) and further manuscript "2 Ports" (double) at left with large triangular "T" in black; the addressee unfound and cover struck with framed 'Insufficient / Tax' in red and circular "DUE / TO (10)" in same ink and ADVERTISED and UNCLAIMED handstamps in black; returned via Yokohama (May 31 cds verso). Returned to sender with "Non Reclamé" in violet on reverse and "RETOUR / A L'ENVOYEUR / RÈCLAMATIONS" in blue and charged with Postage Due 1881/92 50 c. black in a marginal horizontal pair (Dec 3). Imperfections to envelope but rare.
    Ausruf : 400 CHF
    Zuschlag : nicht verkauft

    Losnr. : 7308 Japan

    American Post Office in Yokohama, Japan 1871/74: The remarkable pair of covers to France on Exhibit page: 1871 mourning envelope endorsed "par Overland Mail via San Francisco & New York" franked by 1870/71 National Banknote Co. 2 c. red-brown (2) and single 10 c. brown tied in black with "YOKOHAMA" datestamp (Sept) alongside. Carried at 10 c. Steamship rate plus 4 c. as far as Great Britain with NEW YORK transit in red (Oct 17) and reverse with Vertaison arrival (Oct 30) and charged '5' décimes due on delivery. Second cover ex the 'Henon' correspondence dated 14 Aug 1874 from IKUNO to France with 1873 Continental Banknote Co. 10 c. brown horizontal pair tied by segmented cork handstamp with "YOKOHAMA / JAPAN" cds (Sept) alongside, carried on the Steamer "Colorado" to SAN FRANCISCO with transit cds (Oct 4), NEW YORK / PAID cds (Oct 13) in red and Calais entry marking (Oct 25). A few defects due to journey and of no significance, a wonderful and extremely rare pair of covers.
    Ausruf : 3.000 CHF
    Zuschlag : 3.400 CHF
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